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We believe that the Bible is the full, true, authoritative Word of God, by which we know Him and His ways (2 Timothy 3:162 Peter 1:20-21Mark 13:31John 20:31). That being said, we want to equip you with resources to help you with your Bible study whether you’re studying individually or with a group of people. You can view books, videos, and articles and links by clicking below!


prayer:Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God by tim keller

abide in christ by andrew murray


Francis Chan - read scripture

jen wilkin - Read the Bible? Can’t Jesus Be Enough?

John Piper - Scripture is Breathed Out By God

Peter Adam - How to Read the Bible, Part 1

Don Carson - How to Read the Bible, Part 2

Articles & Links


how to study the bible

Bruce Ashford

4 Key Ingredients in a Devotional Reading of Scripture

Summit Church

Praying The Bible Podcast

The Bible Project


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