We all want to live a life that matters, to live life to the full. The problem is, so often we look in the wrong places for our answer. Even more tragically, so many never find the answer to life they are looking for.

At Austin Life, we believe the life we are all looking for is found in knowing, loving, and trusting Jesus, and then in giving our lives away for the glory of God and the good of others.

In His presence is the fullness of joy (Psalm 16:11)! With Jesus is abundant life (John 10:10)! We find life when for His sake we are willing to lose it (Luke 9:23-24). Everything we are looking for is found in Jesus.

Are you interested in helping lead others to life in Jesus? Have a passion for college students and reaching the next generation?

We are looking to hire a college staff member for Austin Life Church!

*This role is for a 2 year term and is a support-based role, meaning you will be responsible for raising funds to support this role.

In this role, you'll be expected to own these responsibilities:

  • Lead students to life in Jesus, who then are able to, and sent out to lead other students to life in Jesus. Build and lead over a multi-generational disciple making culture. 
  • Lead college students in a Discipleship Group (Multiple if need be).
  • Recruit, equip, and develop student leaders along the ALC Leadership Pipeline.
  • Recruit, equip, and empower volunteer leaders (students & community) to help lead the college ministry.
  • Carry out the vision and strategy for Austin Life College.
  • Help lead and give vision to the Student Leadership Team.
  • Help plan and lead over events and gatherings that fit within the strategy.

In partnership with Austin Life lead staff, you'll carry out these responsibilities:

  • Help build the vision and strategy for Austin Life College that is gospel-centered, clear, and compelling.
  • Help oversee the health and growth of Austin Life College as a whole - students are finding and living life in Jesus.
  • Help ensure that the ministry is an active part of the church and aligns with the values of ALC.
  • Help establish and maintain relationships with universities and other ministries in the area for the purpose of unity and increased opportunity to lead students to life in Jesus.