Our Next Phase

We started last year on September 6th by launching our first community group. We invited people to join us, to trust Christ and to be the church with us. We committed to building one another up in our faith, and to sharing life together. We’ve seen God building up new leaders who have never taken steps of faith like this before. We’ve seen God bring some into new life with Him. We’ve seen others find a real community that they’d been looking for. In that time we’ve seen God begin to build not just a community, but a family. 

In February, we were able to launch a 2nd community group. We launch new groups in order to reach new people. We dream of saturating Austin with these Gospel centered community groups, these places where anyone and everyone can find an open seat and a place to belong as they explore and grow in faith.

Well now it is time to enter the next phase as a church, to grow the influence of the Gospel to other parts of Austin by launching new community groups, and then also by launching our Sunday worship gatherings for our church and the community.

What You Can Do

As you can imagine, this next phase has some specific and time sensitive needs, some up front and one time costs associated, such as:

  • Acquiring a building for worship gatherings.
  • Purchasing audio & video equipment.
  • Purchasing supplies & resource for kids.
  • Staging, lighting, pipe & drape.
  • Chairs.

All while being able to continue taking steps towards launching new groups, and new churches as well. 

We are asking you to consider joining us specifically in this next step, to generously give of what God has enriched you with in order to enrich others here in Austin. Help us reach more in Austin with the Gospel of Jesus! 

  • Perhaps you are already giving… would you ask God if He is asking you to give above and beyond what you are already giving?

  • Perhaps you’ve never given before to Austin Life… would you ask God if He would have you generously begin to give now?

God invites us as His people to take steps of risky faith. It’s in those steps that we see His power, His faithfulness, we see Him do far more than we ever dreamed or imagined. We are excited to continue taking steps of risky faith, and are grateful for you to be a part of that journey with us! For the glory of God, and the good of others!

Our Goal - $75,000

Items To Purchase

  • $10,000 - Initial Rent Costs
  • $7,635 - Mixer and Mics
  • $6,925 - Speakers and Monitors
  • $6,200 - Video Projector and Screen
  • $3,500 - Audio Cables and Accessories
  • $3,800 - Instruments
  • $1,400 - Toddlers Toys and Supplies
  • $600 - Stage Backdrops

Items To Purchase

  • $10,000 - Trailer
  • $8,000 - All Equipment Cases
  • $7,200 - Nursery, Toddlers, and Preschool Environments
  • $6,000 - All Stage and Lighting Equipment
  • $6,000 - Chairs for Adults
  • $2,800 - Lobby and Hospitality
  • $1,400 - Preschool Toys and Supplies