By inviting all people into authentic community where we can build one another up to live life in Jesus while also equipping and sending one another out to make Jesus known.

Invite – We’ll invite all people into authentic community and to trust Jesus as Lord.

Build – We’ll build one another up to maturity in Christ.

Equip – We’ll equip one another for the work of leading people to life in Jesus.

Send – We’ll send one another out to lead all people in all places to life in Jesus.

We will start as a church by gathering an initial community group. A community group (CG) is a group of people sharing life and growing in faith together.

This first CG will grow as we invite others into our lives, and to trust Jesus, and then build one another up in Christ. At the same time, we will equip new leaders to be sent out to launch a new CG. The two CGs then build on the momentum and foundation of the first CG, continuing to do the same by leading more people to life in Jesus and sending new leaders out to multiply into four CGs.

Once we have created a culture of multiplication and personal disciple-making, then we will grow the presence and influence of the gospel in the community by gathering together for worship and sending one another to live as missionaries in the city and the world.

However, that is not the end. We have not “arrived”. We continue to multiply by equipping and sending out new CGs as well as church planters and teams to start new churches among all people in all places.