our mission as a church: Leading People to LIFE in JESUS.

We all want to live a life that matters, to live life to the full. The problem is, so often we look in the wrong places for our answer. Even more tragically, so many never find the answer to life they are looking for.

At Austin Life, we believe the life we are all looking for is found in knowing, loving, and trusting Jesus, and then in giving our lives away for the glory of God and the good of others.

In His presence is the fullness of joy (Psalm 16:11)! With Jesus is abundant life (John 10:10)! We find life when for His sake we are willing to lose it (Luke 9:23-24). Everything we are looking for is found in Jesus.

Everything we will do as a church is to lead people to life in Jesus, through our 5 values:

Life Through The Gospel

We are made alive by faith alone in the Gospel, Jesus in my place, and daily changed by centering our lives around the Gospel.

Life of Worship

We devote our lives to knowing, loving, and honoring God above all else.

Life in Community

We selflessly commit to loving and building one another up in Christ.

Life of Service

We tangibly demonstrate the Gospel by serving and caring for the needs of others.

Life on Mission

We live as missionaries to lead all people in all places to life in Jesus.