Hello students! Welcome back to college, Austin, and Austin Life Church. We have missed you! It’s just not the same without you. 

Here’s a one stop shop to get you caught up!

1. Sunday Services

We’ve had our “soft launches” and now we will start our weekly Sunday Worship Services on September 9th. Can you believe it?! We’ve been talking about this for a year!! 

We'll be meeting each week at Kealing Middle School (1607 Pennsylvania Ave, 78702), at 10:00am. 

We can’t wait to have you join us for worship!

2. Community Groups

The Johnsons still meet on Wednesdays at 6:30pm, but moved to 603 Texas Ave, 78705. There is a group that also meets at 45th & Mopac. Click below for what a Community Group is all about and how to view all of them.

We are hoping to launch another 2-3 new ones soon. In particular, we are looking to start a couple college specific groups. Now we don’t want to create a sub-church within the church. So these groups would be closely partnered with another Community Group, and we would strongly encourage Discipleship Group connections with others out of college. But, we think these groups would create a great entry point for unchurched college students, or students who do not have a car. 

If you are interested in helping start one of these groups, let Cory know!! (817-709-9121)

3. Welcome Week

This runs from Freshman move in, Aug 24th - September 9th, our official Launch Sunday. The primary goal of this is to CONNECT & INVITE. We want to connect with new students, and invite them:

  • into our lives
  • to come WITH us to ALC (Worship, Community Groups, next events, etc.)
  • to trust, follow, and find life in Jesus

There are several events we have, and we need YOU to help us with them when you can. We know you can’t make everything, but what you can make, please let Cory knowThe best way to reach college students is with you, college students. 

Here's the list of upcoming events we have geared for college students:

August 30 - Shrimp Boil & Sand Volleyball, 6pm @ Pease Park Volleyball

September 4 - Party 7-9pm @ Steel City Pops, 7-9pm

September 7 - Concert & Coffee, location tbd

September 9 - ALC Worship Service, 10am, Kealing Middle School

September 13 - Dinner at the Johnson’s, 6pm, 603 Texas Ave

September 20 - Worship on Campus, 8pm

September 28-29 - Austin Life College Retreat, details tbd

4. Sunday Ministry Teams 

As you know, it takes many people serving in many roles to make a Sunday happen. We serve in order to build up one another in Christ, and to help others feel welcome and comfortable to encounter and hear from God. We wanted to ask if you’d be willing to serve on a Sunday ministry team?

Here are the different teams we have as of now. Let Cory know if you’re interested in any of them. 


-Austin Life Kids


-Tech Team

-Worship Team

Also, Austin Life Kids is an area of HUGE need. If you did not pick Kids, please let Cory know if you would be willing to serve with kids on a 1x/month rotation when you let us know your preferences.

5. Share Your Ride

There are many students who do not have a car, and simply need a ride to and from Community Group or Sunday worship. If you’d be willing to give a ride, just let Cory know so he knows who to connect people with. 

As always if you have any questions or need more information, please let us know. We are so excited you're back and can't wait to see everything God has in store for the rest of this year!!