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What is a Discipleship Group?

A Discipleship Group (DG) is a small group of people (3-4, same gender) committed to intentionally walking with one another to trust and follow Jesus in obedience.

To best understand a Discipleship Group, some other definitions would be helpful. 

What is a Disciple?

A person who trusts and follows Jesus in obedience.

What is discipleship?

Walking with someone to grow as they trust and follow Jesus in obedience. Furthermore, discipleship is a 3-part process of intentionality:

  1. Get in front of someone, to model following Jesus.

  2. Get beside someone, to walk with them in following Jesus.

  3. Get behind someone, to send them out to lead others to Jesus.

The aim of a Discipleship Group is that with the help of the Holy Spirit and one another, we would “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18) and become more like the One we follow—Jesus!

A DG meets weekly (or every other week) to do these 4 things:

  1. Know & be known in honest community - Share about all aspects of life: confess sin, celebrate the wins, listen to each other, and speak Truth in love. 

  2. Read & know the Bible - Read and discuss the Bible together. The aim here is to have accountability with one another for regular time spent in God’s Word. We suggest having a plan for all to follow, such as the reading plan given on the other side of this bookmark.

  3. Apply the Bible to our lives & pursue obedience - Share specifically and honestly how God is teaching you and calling you to be obedient to His Word. Remind one another of the gospel and the power it has to transform our lives through grace. Regularly share who is in your life that you are seeking to show and share Jesus with.

  4. Pray with & for one another - Based on 1, 2, & 3, pray for victory over sin, thank God for celebrations, ask God to transform our lives, pray for those who don’t know Jesus.

What are the wins of a Discipleship Group?

The aim of a DG is that with the help of the Holy Spirit and one another, we would:

  • Grow deeper in love and obedience to God, becoming more like the one we follow - Jesus.

  • Multiply DGs by making disciples and starting new DGs with new followers of Jesus.

Specifically, through time in a Discipleship Group, you should see growth in:

  • Christian Community: Growth in authentic, honest, sharpening community.

  • The Word: Growth in discipline, understanding, and ability to handle the

    Word of Truth.

  • Prayer: Growth in active prayer and trusting the Lord without ceasing.

  • Obedience: Growth in active obedience to the Lord and in fruit of the Spirit.

  • Multiplication: Growth in leading new people to life in Jesus and making new


Why do we believe it is important to be in a discipleship group?

Fully trusting Jesus and following Him in obedience does not just casually happen. There will be times when it is easy to love God and to do what He says. But there will also be many times, perhaps even more, when trusting God and following Him in obedience is tough. We cannot do this alone. Which is why we need a few people who have access to our lives, who we are honest with, who will commit to helping us, to building us up, to walking with us in this relationship as a disciple of Jesus. 

We believe a Discipleship Group offers the best environment for this to happen. We believe it offers the needed depth, intimacy, and accountability to help us press on as a disciple of Jesus. We believe when a group of people are centered around God’s Word and committed to building one another up to trust and obey Jesus, then growth as a disciple will follow!

We also believe Discipleship Groups are instrumental in fulfilling the Great Commission. Jesus tells us to make disciples who make disciples. As we invest in one another, and send each other out to do the same with others, the Kingdom of God will expand to all people in all places!